Jumby Bay Pond Bay Suite Bedroom with evening light

Jumby Bay Resort - Pond Bay Villas, Antigua

This cluster of luxury villas are an iconic gem within the West Indies that naturally absorbs the inspiration of the idyllic typography.  This innate source of inspiration has served the interior environments of Jumby Bay Island over the years.  The current interior design seeks to modernize and curate an artistic perspective on the location's authenticity.  The design intent creates a bridge from the interior-island landscape of the ponds and waterfowl sanctuary, outward to the pristine ocean waters.  Natural, warm materials, a layered color palette and local botanical life highlight the moments created within these oceanfront villas.  These 28 One-bedroom,  luxury villas with a total of 40,000 square feet, boast private oceanfront pools, alfresco bathing experiences and private terraces.