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Studio IDC Residential designs are inspired by the details that make the location, architecture and inhabitants distinct. We create an easy luxury that combines the best of modernity with the warm details of home.

Statement pieces reside effortlessly with the natural palette of the environment. Materials and fabrics are selected with careful consideration of their aesthetic impact, purpose, and use. All pieces are curated to capture the spirit of the home and the personality of its residents.

Studio IDC designs are to be enjoyed and shared. We understand that homes are venues of celebration and havens of retreat, and our distinguished designers capture the nuances that elevate these experiences.

With more than 100 years of combined professional experience, the Studio IDC team provides efficiency, flexibility, and team-work skills that result in world-renowned residential designs.

Pool with an ocean view
Living room seating area

Point of View

We look at residential design as an opportunity to tell a unique story. The result is one-of-a-kind elegance, modern convenience, and splashes of the unconventional, all executed through an efficient plan that delivers the best results for the project.

Bedroom with a balcony

Working With Us

Our approach is hands on, accessible, and collaborative. We use the strength of our creativity and intuition to pinpoint the aspects of design that transform and elevate a home.


Customized Services


Holistic Process
Methodically walking our client through each phase for complete clarity.

Understanding client goals and lifestyle considerations.

Creating a series of visual markers as a guideline for the design process.

Perform spatial and functionality analysis.

Design Development
Outlining every detail from the design concept.

Documents & Administration
Seamlessly integrating all documentation from contract to execution.


FF&E Budget Analysis.

Tracking freight
Coordinating shipments & consolidation.

Installation Supervision
Quality supervision & product inspection.


Residential Turn-Key
Every detail is supplied for the client to walk in and enjoy.

Creation of a visual identity which is carried throughout the design.

Curated Artwork & Accessories
Research, coordination and planning with fine artists and artisans.

Living room area