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Apr 27, 2023 1:21:43 PM / by Studio IDC


We have some exciting news to share! Our talented Senior Interior Designer, Todd Tyler, has been promoted to Studio IDC’s Chief Creative Officer. We couldn’t be happier for Todd and look forward to seeing what he brings to the team in his new role. 

For those who may not know, Todd is an NCIDQ-licensed interior designer with a keen eye for design, a passion and commitment to excellence, and a natural ability to bring ideas to life. As Chief Creative Officer, he will lead the team in creating exceptional design experiences. We have no doubt he will bring his signature style and attention to detail to every project he touches.

We sat down with Todd to get his take on his new role and vision for the future!

What are some words your colleagues, friends, and family use to describe you? Creative, adaptable, passionate, and earnest.

What excites you about your role and the future in the industry? I love the dynamism of my new role! I have the honor of leading the creative output in our work and the artistic vision for the company as a whole. 

Additionally, I have the opportunity to mentor and collaborate with my team members who share drive and passion in their own individual ways. Travel and hands-on experience with all project teams and consultants are also significant parts of what I love about Studio IDC.

I think my personal and professional outlook will intersect nicely within the industry as time goes by. Designers must continually grow, be willing to adapt, and be constantly open to seeking inspiration from the past and the future. These things are part of my personal philosophy. Looking ahead while acknowledging what came before helps create design experiences for our clients and tell the stories that connect people to the emotional side of design.

Do you have any interests or passions that people may not know about but are beneficial in serving clients and envisioning projects? People may not know about my previous life as a competitive gymnast, which has shaped how I approach my work and many parts of my life. Fifteen years of training with heart, body, and soul taught me invaluable life lessons such as dedication, responsibility, and accountability. This serves my clients well because when I’m involved in a project, I cannot stop until it’s just right.

Another interest, which might be easier for people to observe about me, is my love of visual and performing arts. Much of my inspiration comes from opera, theater, film, fashion, fine art, and any other art form incorporating story and connectivity. Everything in design is about drawing connections. I find beauty in recognizing things that intersect in obvious and obtuse ways.

What associations, museums, or networks are you part of? My annual museum memberships include the Brooklyn Museum and MoMA in New York, LACMA in Los Angeles, PAMM in Miami, the Louis Vuitton Foundation, and Versailles. I visit museums, art expositions, and galleries whenever I have the opportunity.

I am also an NCIDQ-licensed interior designer and a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). These licenses and memberships represent a commitment to the profession, which I believe is important. 

Imagine you are on the cusp of retirement. What professional contributions do you want to be remembered for? I regularly reference certain designers for their values, richness of individuality, and understanding of their world. I would consider it an honor to contribute furniture designs and stand-alone projects that impact many people in the same way, to know that young and aspiring creatives would seek my point of view on their own journeys. 

An area that I would like to contribute to more is sustainability and environmental consciousness. There are so many resources for designers within this realm, and the information needs more action. Essentially, I want to leave this world a bit better than I found it.

Finally, I want to cultivate and nurture significant and long-lasting relationships in my personal and professional life. This value comes intrinsically from my family’s generational legacy, philosophy, and our current day-to-day at Studio IDC.

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