Monetizing Unused Spaces in Boutique Hotels

Apr 27, 2020 1:23:08 PM / by Trisha Brookbank

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It’s no longer just about putting heads in beds and lowering rates last minute to fill vacant rooms. We invite today’s hoteliers to think out of the box and come up with creative and effective design-driven uses for underused spaces in their upscale establishments –catering to the growing demands of travel-savvy guests, reflecting millennial demands and turning handsome profits in the process.

Rooftop Terrace Ideas

Rooftop terraces with sweeping panoramic vistas are highly sought after by travelers looking to be pampered while taking in their surroundings.

Clientele gravitate to rooftop terraces for a number of luxury services and offerings...

Rooftop - Lifestyle Luxury Villa

Rooftop terraces can be used for:

Open-air massages and other spa treatments
Yoga Classes
Cocktail parties
Wine-tasting events – which can lead to additional sales, particularly in all- inclusive environments
Pop-up dining events
Fashion and artisan shows featuring local designers and artists


Lobby & Bar Ideas

While hotel lobbies and bars entertain a steady stream of traffic at certain times of the day, they remain largely unused.

Plantation Bar featuring custom pendant


Activate the lobby and bars for alternate, creative uses:

  Create comfortable “living” spaces for lounging at any time of the day
  Supply furnishings with built-in connectivity options
  Plan flexible space for meetings and presentations
  Host community events
  Engage local clientele


Activating Spaces

When boutique hotels integrate multi-use spaces by capturing technology, comfort and service into their design, revenue- generating possibilities present themselves.

Providing allowances in the Design Planning process enables future flexibility for the operator based on the ever-changing demographics of travelers and the local market.

Lounge Caribbean Hotel


Ultimately, a keen use of underutilized spaces drives an enormous return on investment for boutique hotel owners.

If you would like to learn how to monetize  your unused spaces, please call us at 305.665.1616.

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